Santiago Yeomans

Computer Science Student 👨‍💻

I describe myself as an innovative, disruptive and entrepreneurial person, with a passion for knowledge and technology; Someone that overcomes failure in order to be better, and make stuff that creates a positive impact in our society.


I know these technologies

I know



1. Machine Learning - Stanford
2. Introduction to Deep Learning - MIT
3. Deep Learning - Stanford
4. Artifitial Inteligence - Udemy

That´s Me ☝️

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My Projects

Fullstack app

Spaces 🔵

Create and manage all your bookmarks with the community

Movie Recommender

Movix 🎬

Get movie recommendations based on your personal taste!

Game in GO

Multithreaded Pacman👾

The classic pacman game we love, but written in Go using concurrency

iOS App

Lucid Dreams 🌙

Currently working on this project.

iOS Game

Top Speed 🏎

Check out this game on the app store NOW!
-> Im adding more content and releasing new features constantly.


Wanna Fragrance ⚜️

Watch any fragrance in real wolrd with the power of swift and AR kit. If you will, you can buy it!

Unity and C#

Escape From Hell 🔥

Escape from Hell is the ulitimate scary game. Play it and you will not be the same ever again!


Face Recognition😎

Using python to create a recognition system that can store known persons and recognize them.

Developing 🔨

Budda App

The ultimate app to track your sentiments. Get accurate stats based on your daily sentiments. Get charts and heatmaps to better understand your sentiments.

Developing 🔨

Amazon Price Tracker

Track your favorite products from amazon. Get notify when a price drop! Never miss a product again.


Google Maps📍

Created a software to get the shortest path from pont A to point B on a simulated city.


Twitter Bot 🤖

Created my own twitter bot to automate responses on my profile.


Top Speed 🏎

Created a 2D game using Java. Escape from the police on your favorite car. Drive on the highway at your Top Speed.


Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Get statistics and graphs from given tweets. Analize the objectivity and feeling of any tweet.

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